Oceanscan Referral Scheme

All personnel that are registered with Oceanscan are eligible to make a referral and participate in the scheme.

The award for a successful referral is as follows: 

  • For each successful referral that meets the qualifying criteria below, a payment of £250 will be made to the individual that makes the referral, (where applicable, this will be a taxable benefit).
  • If an individual makes 4 referrals within 12 months of the first referral and all meet the qualifying criteria below, the individual making the referrals will be eligible for an additional payment of £250 on top of the award for each referral, (where applicable, this will be a taxable benefit).

Qualifying criteria

In order to qualify for the award the following conditions apply: 

  • The candidate referred is not already registered with Oceanscan.
  • The candidate referred has gone on to complete a minimum of 4 weeks on deployment on behalf of Oceanscan and received a favourable appraisal.

If a candidate has already been formerly referred by another individual, it is the individual who first refers the candidate that will be eligible for the award.


Referrals can be made to, please ensure that you make reference to the ‘Referral Scheme’ within the Subject text of your email, and:

  • If you are the candidate that is being referred, please specify who has referred you and ensure that they are registered with Oceanscan.
  • If you are making the referral, please ensure that you do so with the candidates permission and submit the candidates name and CV. Please also confirm that it is suitable for a member of Oceanscan staff to contact the candidate.