BLUEVIEW M2250-900 Dual Frequency

BLUEVIEW M2250-900 Dual Frequency

Teledyne BlueView's M900-2250 series includes a 900kHz with 130 degree field of view and 2250kHz with 130 degree field of view in a compact package. The M900-2250-130's field of view has been increased by over 125% from the previous dual frequency model. 
Key Features:
  • ​Streaming video-like sonar imagery
  • Continuous situational awareness
  • Multiple field-of-view options
  • Standard depth rating at 1,000 m (3,280 ft.), 4000 m (31,123 ft.) and 6,000 m (19,685 ft.)
  • Plug & Go operation
  • Intuitive Windows® based software
  • Software Development Kit available
  • NEW!!! 'S3' electronics
    • 30% lighter, smaller, faster and less power then P Series
    • Automatically adjust transmit power level to improve imagery up close and at long ranges
    • UDP broadcast modes
    • Built in hardware triggering options
    • Built in target tracking options
  • Easily fits on any platform
  • Expanded area coverage
  • High-resolution imagery with 900 kHz and ultra high-resolution imagery with 2250 kHz
  • Unaffected by motion
  • Easy automation of nav-control system​

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