Smart connector

The SeaSPY connector is a custom brass underwater connector that supports a tonne of towing force. A PVC nose cone protects it from side impacts, while maintaining a streamlined tow body.
Sleek Design
SeaSPY’s sleek design resists snags. The inexpensive and eld replaceable tailns are the only protruding element and they are designed to snap off should they ever get snagged on rocky outcroppings.
The SeaSPY towsh is made of 1⁄4” super strong berglass coated with a ‘bumper’ layer of polyurethane for extra shock absorption. Should even a drop of water penetrate the towsh, a leak detector warning appears on your screen to inform you. In the event of a breach, the SeaSPY’s electronics module is encased in a polycarbonate housing with ‘O’ ring seals for another layer of security. The sensor itself is suspended on shockmounts to ensure the quality of your data isn’t inuenced even if you drag SeaSPY along the sea oor.

A quick glance self diagnostic LED system on the isolation transceiver can save hours of frustration. If all connections are hooked up properly, a status LED will glow green. If there’s a problem with one of the connections, it will glow yellow. If there’s a short somewhere, it will glow red and the transceiver will safely shut down the output power in microseconds. A blue LED ashes with every mag reading.

Better Data
Worldwide Operation with No Restrictions 
SeaSPY will collect accurate data no matter where you are or in which direction you are surveying.

Highest Absolute Accuracy
SeaSPY Overhauser sensors have the highest absolute accuracy of any magnetometer: 0.1nT. The repeatability between SeaSPY sensors is also unmatched at better than 0.01nT.

The benets to the user are four-fold
1. Targets will not be missed because they fall between mismatched survey lines.
2. Reduces post-processing. Competing technologies require the user to collect tie lines in order to level the data set (match-up inaccurate survey lines).
3. There will be no variation introduced in the data by slight course changes during a survey line.
4. A magnetic map of an area will look the same, regardless of direction in which the survey lines were conducted.

Stable Time
The clock used in the SeaSPY electronics module is accurate to 1ppm throughout the entire temperature range, (as opposed to 100ppm found in competing magnetometer systems) so it will be accurately time stamped to sync with diurnal correction (base station) information.
Maintenance Free Sensors 
SeaSPY sensors don’t degrade with time, so you’ll get the same quality data after 10 years of use as you did the rst time you used it. In addition SeaSPY sensors contain no consumable parts, so you won’t have to replace anything, like the expensive lamps that wear out in optically pumped mags.
Overhauser Effect
SeaSPY is a pulsed Overhauser magnetometer that measures the ambientmagnetic eld using a specialized branch of nuclear Magnetic Resonance technology, applied specically to hydrogen nuclei.
Ease of Use
Ultra Low Power Consumption
A SeaSPY system only requires 1W standby and 3Wmaximum. As a result, SeaSPY can run for days directly from a 12V or 24V vehicle battery.
No temperature effect on accuracy
SeaSPY works equally well in cold, deep waters as tropical waters, starting instantly on power-up without requiring warm up. And data collected at –40°C will be identical to data recorded at +60°C.
Integrate with side scans and other plaforms
An easy all in one solution to integrate SeaSPY with side scans. A single 10m tow cable is terminated with everything you need. No modications to your magnetometer or gradiometer are required. Simply swap out your tow cable for the integration cable and you are ready to go.

Best of all, your accessories, including power supply, are still compatible. The integration maintains the basic system integrity of each product, ensuring they can both run independently as well as together.

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