Complete with weld probe on 100m of cable.

The Phasec 3 offers full phase plane functionality in an ultra-compact package, which can easily fit into a toolbox or a briefcase. The Phasec 3 Series employs a ¼ VGA TFT large bright colour screen, with a choice of eight colour combinations, so that viewability can be optimized for specific situations according to personal taste. Unlike monochromatic displays, which are temperature-dependent, there is no need to adjust the contrast when the display temperature rises. High resolution displayand large clear text fonts also add to the readability of the instruments and ensure that operators no longer have to stare atdim, blurred images.

Colour coding is the key to the ease of signal interpretation of the new range offlaw detectors. As each channel is assigned its own colour, colour coding is used to highlight specific data, to allow easier, more reliable and faster interpretation of displayed signals. With colour it is possible to differentiate the graticule from the signal and different colours can be used for comparison between stored and active traces.Operators also have choice of display mode of phase plane, Y/t or bar graph tofurther enhance ease of interpretation.

Portability is a major feature of the Phasec 3 Series. Instruments weigh just 1.1kg including batteries and are roughly the size of a hard backed book. Each instrument is housed in a tough, robust case and instrument internals have been designed to resist moist, tropical or salt-laden atmospheres. While offering a large display the instrument housing is kept as compact as possible. Advanced technology batteries allow up to 6 hours operating life with none of the adverse memory effects of more traditional batteries. Further more the instruments have been specifically designed to allow the inter-changeability of accessories such as probes, cables and test pieces,reducing the amount of kit the operator needs to purchase or carry around for inspections.

Operating controls of the Phasec 3 series are based on the Locator and Phasec series user interface. Consequently, operators with knowledge of these instruments can become proficient withina few minutes.Every instrument has a menu system that is easy to read and navigate. Its operationis intuitive. Set ups are rapid. They can bestored and recalled at any time.

Operating parameters can be rapidly selected and adjusted using the unique keyboard arrangement. Soft-keys can be assigned to assist parameter adjustment without referral to the menu. Large tactile buttons in easy reach of either hand give good feedback even when wearing gloves and all instruments are designed for ease-of-use by both right-handed and left-handed inspectors. A huge range of parameter adjustment enables the instrument to be quickly matched to the most exacting inspection requirements, providing extreme versatility in operation. This versatility is also demonstrated by the fact that the front panel controls can be configured to suit specific operations and then locked into operator mode.

Compatible with our unique Windows-based reporting software package, Supervisor PC, which allows operators to download both data sets and screen images for reporting purposes.The on-screen menu allows all functions to be set and stored in the on-board memory, which has the capacity for 200set-ups and 200 traces. An integral USB connection port permits fast data exchange with the Supervisor software. Once the data is transferred to the PC it can easily be used to produce reports, to print and archive.

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  • 29/01/2024

    Oceanscan participated at the annual BINDT Workshop and Burns Supper event in Johnstone (Glasgow) on Friday 26 January 2024.

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    Geoforce Technical Services, an Oceanscan company, has acquired a new powerful VKG Vibrocorer system enabling an operator to obtain sediment cores.

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    Eddyfi Technologies Floor Scanner 3Di for rent from our Aberdeen facility.

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