The AMIGO represents the latest in ACFM® topside inspection technology. The instrument has all the advantages of ACFM inspection available on other TSC instruments, in the smallest, lightest package, with the added benefits of a long battery life and support for array probes.

The system provides: 

Rapid scanning using a hand-held probe. 

Reliable crack detection and sizing (length and depth).

Dual frequency option 5kHz (for optimum performance on ferritic steel).50kHz (for improved sensitivity on non-ferrous metals).

Rugged site unit, IP54 rated. 

At least 5 hour operation on one fully-charged battery pack, and easy exchange of battery packs in the field. 

Mains-powered battery charger for use with 110 to 240V AC (50 or 60 Hz).·

Reduced cleaning requirements with no need to clean to bare metal.

Capable of inspection through thin metallic coatings, or through non-conducting coatings several millimetres thick.

Assist software running under Microsoft Windows for ease of operation and compatibility with other Windows applications.

Full data storage for back-up, off-line view and audit purposes.

Access to a wide range of geometries using TSC’s range of active topside probes.  

Buttons for RUN / STOP and MARKERS on instrument and larger probes to allow one man operation in difficult access areas. 

Probes with embedded serial numbers to simplify operation 

Range of underwater probes available on request.

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