The Company’s prime objective is to meet all contractual requirements in a timely, disciplined, and cost effective manner with focus being placed on the needs of the customer as well as statutory and regulatory requirements, and to continuously improve our products and/or services to meet our customer’s expectations. We aim, throughout all activities, to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.

It is the Company’s intention to become and remain the market leader with respect to the quality of its products and/or services. To achieve this objective the Company has established a quality system as identified in BS EN ISO 9001:2015 and top management have set quality objectives.

All personnel are required to sustain the Company’s defined quality system through focused leadership, correct environment, stringent system implementation and regular reviews which coupled with formal quality audits, provide a basis for its continued development and improvement.

This Quality Assurance Manual sets down the method of application of such a policy. Compliance with its provisions is an obligation upon all personnel.        

Safety requirements will be rigorously complied with and it is the responsibility of company management to ensure that all personnel are fully aware of all safety requirements.

The Managing Director bears the responsibility for implementing and maintaining this Quality Policy at all levels throughout the Company.

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