Oceanscan’s highly experienced personnel co-ordinators work fast at sourcing suitable requirements for you and guide you through the whole process of confirming work, travel to the project, while your working, getting you home, helping update your CV/details and find your next job.

If you do not fit into the below disciplines please get in touch as we are not limited and are always willing to lend a helping hand or advice where possible.

  • NDT Personnel 
  • Marine Personnel
  • Hydrographic and Geophysical Surveyors, Engineers and Data Processors 
  • Party Chiefs 
  • Multi beam Operators 
  • CAD Operators 
  • Pipe tracking and Cable Tracking Engineers 
  • ROV Pilots and Engineers 
  • Tooling Technicians 
  • Trenching and Carousel Technicians 
  • Underwater Inspection Co-ordinators 
  • Electrical and Mechanical Technicians 
  • Diver Technicians 
  • Crane Operators 
  • Deck Crew 
  • Client Reps 
  • Project Engineers 
  • Project Managers 
  • Offshore Managers


Please feel free to send your CV and copies of the below over to us at 

  • Passports and any current visas
  • Medical and survival
  • Any inoculation certs
  • Any competency certs
  • Any appraisals
  • Seamans book if you have one

And one of our professional and friendly team members will come back to you.