The latest innovation from the pioneers of the digital multiple echo ultrasonic thickness gauge, the Cygnus DIVE is designed for the professional diver and is accurate, reliable and easy to use. Worn on the diver’s forearm, it gives an invaluable free hand while performing thickness surveys.Made from a tough glass-filled resin, the Cygnus DIVE can withstand the knocks and bumps of the diving environment. A bright colour TFT screen displays the thickness measurements in big numbers that really stand out - choose the display colour that suits you.

Like all Cygnus products, the Cygnus DIVE has been designed for easy operation. There are no gates to set up, no gain to adjust - just turn on and go. There are two buttons for quick and easy menu navigation using one hand, from here you can access all the functions of the gauge guided by intuitive, clear menus.

Power is supplied by a replaceable, rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery pack that gives up to 10 hours continuous operation.

The Cygnus DIVE uses the trusted Multiple Echo Technique first developed by Cygnus over 25 years ago. With minimal surface preparation, the Cygnus DIVE will measure metal thickness through paint and other coatings. The Multiple Echo Technique ensures only genuine, verified thickness measurements are displayed.

The ultrasonic probe is connected to the Cygnus DIVE by a coiled double jacket cable and rugged locking connector. The coiled cable will extend up to 1 metre in length for reaching around structures. A replaceable membrane ensures long probe life.

The Deep Coat function allows the Cygnus DIVE to measure metal thickness through coatings up to 20 mm thick.

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  • 29/01/2024

    Oceanscan participated at the annual BINDT Workshop and Burns Supper event in Johnstone (Glasgow) on Friday 26 January 2024.

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  • 15/01/2024

    Oceancan sponsors Exail's annual 2024 User Conference which takes place on the 23rd January 2024 in Saint-Germain in Paris. 

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  • 24/01/2024

    Geoforce Technical Services, an Oceanscan company, has acquired a new powerful VKG Vibrocorer system enabling an operator to obtain sediment cores.

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    Eddyfi Technologies Floor Scanner 3Di for rent from our Aberdeen facility.

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